C.V. & Portfolio

A snapshot of my skills, experience, and personality.

I have 20 years of experience in nonprofit administration & operations, fundraising, public relations, communications, and event planning. For 13 of those years, I have created and implemented comprehensive marketing and communications plans for nonprofits and small businesses, and I have taught their staff and volunteers how to support the message or how to implement the plans themselves. Marketing, though, is but one tool used in support of strategic plans. My work includes concept development, storytelling, interviews, short and long-term SMART goals, systems development, databases, copy writing, grant writing, project management, event planning, constituent segmentation and customer profiles, advertising, social media, and so much more.

I am adept at telling the story of a project or business and the people behind them through writing and art direction, from concept creation to project completion. I know how to tailor messaging for specific audiences as well as effectively communicate with clients, partners, media, vendors, and consultants. All of my projects are multi-faceted and intentional. Working at nonprofits with few resources, I have developed the skills and acquired the tools necessary to effectively and efficiently manage tasks, keep to deadlines, stay within budget, produce quality materials, AND get results.

I am a strategic thinker who manages the details necessary to implement the prevailing vision – I can see both the forest and the trees. I can analyze and resolve problems creatively and I am adept at learning new programs quickly. I am a strong leader, an excellent communicator and listener, and possess initiative and motivation. I am intelligent, quick thinking, trustworthy, efficient, straightforward, humorous, sincere, kind-hearted, flexible, and community oriented. All these attributes help me accomplish a task efficiently and also help me build strong relationships with people from different backgrounds. They are also what make me a strong team member who can work autonomously, take direction, or be a leader – depending on the need and circumstances.